Planning Information

Good Planning is the Key

Neville and his team provide an end-to-end service and are happy to work with you to get the job done. This includes making sure that all parts of your project are well planned. Neville will give you as much support and guidance as you need, he has been doing it for over 35 years so he knows how to make your project work. Neville is an expert at providing clever solutions to space constraints and design issues.

As required, Neville will take responsibility for communicating your requirements to tradespeople (plumbers and electricians) and anyone else involved in the project. If you have your own tradespeople, designer, builder, architect… we are happy to work with them as part of your project.

A good place to start is establishing a budget so that we can work with you to deliver your requirements within budget. There are many elements of a project that will determine the final cost, so we work with our clients to ensure that they are in control of the costs related to delivering their project.

Please see below for some general pointers in relation to planning your new Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, or Furniture.

If you have any questions or would like a quote – contact Neville – he’s always ready to help.


AQS Furniture specialises in custom built kitchens. We can design to your requirements from your plans or we can design the kitchen with you. We work with a large range of materials, products and finishes. We use quality hardware and materials – this ensures a durable and long lasting kitchen.

Things to consider when planning your Kitchen:

  • Keep the sink, hob and food preparation areas within easy reach of each other. Get Neville to explain the triangle rule.
  • Try to have clear work surfaces on either side of your sink and hob.
  • Locate your dishwasher close to the sink.
  • Locate cutlery and everyday crockery drawers close to the dishwasher.
  • Allow for plenty of power points around the kitchen.
  • Allow at least 1200 mm between lines of cabinets.
  • Don’t forget to add in a range hood to extract cooking fumes to outside.


Laundries are usually space constrained so good planning is required. Most laundries need a well-placed washing machine and dryer. However, you may want to also consider:

  • If you would need a tub.
  • Properly venting your dryer – highly recommended.
  • Storage space.
  • A pull out ironing board.


In relation to bathrooms we are specialists in providing customised solutions to suit non-conforming spaces. When planning your bathroom you may want to consider:

  • Custom vanities – floor mounted or wall hanging.
  • Mirror cabinets.
  • Heated mirrors.
  • Storage.


Bespoke furniture – is there something you want but can’t find? We design and build just about any type of built-in or freestanding furniture. We can also build furniture to match or complement existing furniture or design elements within your home. Have a look at some of our furniture on our Photos page.

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